Upholstery Cleaning

Whether it be your fabric or leather lounge, Sleepwell Clean can help bring your furniture back to life.


Not all fabrics are the same, nor is the way in which they are cleaned. Identifying fabrics is important in implementing the best way to clean them. Lounge fabrics accumulate body oils and skin, along with food, drink and accidents. So there are a few steps that need to be followed;

  • Pre-inspection to determine correct cleaning process, including a test for colour-fastness
  • An all natural emulsifying solution is applied to break down oils. This natural solution also sanitises the fabric
  • A ph neutral pre-spray is applied, agitated and left to dwell
  • Extraction of dirt, soil and oils
  • If so desired, application of SProtect Fabric Protection for stain and soiling resistance. For prices simply call


Leather is not immune to the collection of oils and grime. Leather is a beautiful fabric and needs to be looked after. A thorough cleaning, moisturiser and protection will make your lounge look new.

  1. Pre-inspection and test to ensure suitability of cleaning agent
  2. Hand cleaning of leather fabric
  3. Application of a moisturiser to nourish the leather
  4. Application of a protector to slow down re-soiling, dirt and oil accumulation
  5. Buff to a beautiful shine

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