The outside appearance and condition of your home and it’s surrounds are an important aspect of our lives. Our home is a source of pride, and most of us do our best to keep it looking good.

Sometimes certain cleaning jobs require more than what most have available, and the DIY’s will rent equipment and buy chemicals to do these jobs. On average, it is actually cheaper to have a professional do it. That includes often the cost to repair problems that arise from the lack of experience when doing these jobs.

Driveways – Pathways – Footpath’s – Pavers – Pool Surrounds – Walls – Steps – BBQ Areas -

Whether it is concrete or coloured stenciled concrete, bricks, sandstone and just about any other outdoor material, we have the correct equipment and solutions to do the job;

  • Biodegradable solutions that wont kill your lawn or plants
  • High pressure cleaning equipment that wont leave Zebra Stripes
  • The surface will be cleaned and rid of mould, moss and algae
  • Sealing of appropriate surfaces

Ask about our Graffiti Removal service also.

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