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Unlike other methods, Sleepwell Clean will actually scrub, wash, steam, groom and completely sanitise your carpet.

Nearly every carpet cleaner uses the word ‘steam’ to describe the method of cleaning when in fact it is ‘hot water extraction’. The water is hot, and will start to evaporate when it comes in contact with the ambient air, resulting in what looks like steam.

A combination of dual cylindrical brush action, 120oC dry steam vapour, manual water control and mechanical extraction allows the Sleepwell Clean Carpet Cleaner to simultaneously scrub, steam, wash and extract in a single pass. It also grooms the carpet and lifts the pile.

Sleepwell Clean are Steam Cleaners. Converting regular tap water into hygienic 120 degree centigrade 94% dry steam, allows us to sanitise carpets, penetrating deep down to the backing at the insertion point of the fibre without over dampening. Steam evaporates at an incredible rate, leaving your carpets healthier, cleaner, drier and fresher than ever before.


  • Vacuum first. This is essential in removing soils and heavier non-soluble debris. Sleepwell Clean is one of only a few carpet cleaners to do this, and is done via a vibrating rotating head industrial strength cleaner
  • An all natural solution is used for it’s emulsifying and dirt removing ability with more specific stains pre-treated* to maximize results
  • The steam cleaner is then embarked to clean and sanitise; the heat from the steam actually combines with the all natural solution to increase it’s cleaning power
  • If so desired, the application of either a bacteria, dust mite killing deodorizer (SDeo), that keeps on killing for up to 6 months, or a fabric protection (SProtect) that will resist stains and kill pathogens for up to 2 years. Ask your technician or call Sleepwell Clean about the benefits
  • Drying accelerated by additional grooming
  • Most carpets are dry within 1.5 hours due to the low moisture steam**
  • Prices are competitive, product is second to none and the service is impeccable
  • We will not leave unless you are happy. On top of that, a 14 day money back guarantee
  • * A small fee may be incurred for this service
  • ** Drying times vary depending on humidity, air conditioning, fans, breeze and temperature. The average is approx 1.5 hours.

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